Facts Behind Hidden Facts and Figures of Covid19

Covid-19 Pandemic is showing its aggression on daily basis, more victims more casualties more death and more fear globally. Spread rate is multiply every single day, even death tolls are increased but some of the nations have to hide the actual figures of deceased persons, the purpose of this writing is to identify why that tool as a major indicator is not very correctly mentioned around the globe.

There may be many reasons for this, what I have observed are as follows.

Economic Crises:

The current war is just to strength economically and unfortunately this pandemic disease starts from china and first reach to the strong countries such as USA, UK, Spain, and European Countries, they have strong health system but this crisis has locked down them and halt for weeks, those who were having strong economic growth their systems are also shivering and it’s Shrinked.

They have huge number of death tolls, to control and stable economic crises and to decrease the fear of corona from people they show a smaller number of death and increase is number of recovered people but do you think it’s justified to hide the actual number? Hiding facts are never be so cool and ethically considered.

Health Care System:

Many of the Hospitals and Health care system are not trained nor built to handle sick and coronoid patients, due to fear of spread into their system and affect others, those who can accommodate sick patients they have less resources because they need isolation area to separate one from another which require huge place, temporary hospitals built, town halls and other areas convert into hospital setup, which is not enough to cater the big numbers.

Personal Protective Equipment’s PPE:

Health care workers have a biggest issue to have PPE, Mask, and Sanitizer, glasses, isolation kit and other PPE. The production is the biggest issue, each country needs them, the demand is very high against the productivity, most of the countries, flight operations are also halt to minimize the spread, this PPE issue also a fear for Doctors, Nurses, and other paramedics to work in the health system, as this deadly disease already affect healthcare workers and eaten many life’s of the healthcare heroes. We need to keep supply the PPE to our health care heroes so they can fight against this pandemic disease.

But question revolving around my mind is if there are patients with positive covid19 and isolation is not yet completed, those patients who are at high risk can get the disease from the community.

According to facts and figure which show the danger is not yet complete, it’s still in our community. If we take it seriously we will win otherwise we had to lose HOPE.

The Business of Dentistry… A Changed Business Model… Suits Now in Charge

Dental school graduates commonly shoulder debt amounting to 100k-300k. Loans become due 30 days from graduation. Many elect to consolidate and extend payments over 30 years, much like a home mortgage. This debt is not dischargeable by bankruptcy.
Many states will suspend the dental license should payments fall behind.
Pressure is great to find a job and begin making loan payments. Credit history is immediately at risk.
The recent graduate was so looking forward to graduating and earning the title of Dr., but
reality hits home with each piece of mail that arrives from the banks.
A car, a house, a spouse how is one to afford the american dream?
The corporation has thrown the recent graduate a lifeline in the form of an opportunity to practice the profession without worries about office overhead. Just perform and be compensated the regional supervisor (who is not a dentist) instructs.
“Our dentists make 200k a year”, she states. “Sign up today and rest assured you’ll have a bright future with us”.
These were words said to me. I bought into the dream job. Only to discover it was an illusion. Instead of not sleeping because of the debt, I could not sleep because I refused to
over diagnose, over treat, and buy into the corporate model.
I was paid 28 percent of my production. I was evaluated throughout the day and end of the workday as well as weekly monthly and quarterly.
I was counseled twice in three months by the regional supervisor (who was a dentist) and told I was not doing enough crowns. He informed me my crown to filling ratio was unacceptable. He informed me I should be doing 4 crowns for every filling. This means he was asking me to over treat and over diagnose. I was written up and instructed to “get with the program”. I was told that if my numbers didn’t improve, my future with this company was questionable.
Not long after, I reached out to a practice broker and located a private practice to purchase.
I am now in private practice and sleeping like a baby. I am proud to have made the difficult move, but have no regrets.
Unfortunately, corporate dental offices continue to spring up everywhere and it will take some time for them to disappear. People will discover for themselves that the corporate model doesn’t have their best interests in mind.
I’m happy to share this article with you and hope you will pay close attention as you are your own advocate, Trust your intuition, if it doesn’t seem right, its okay to seek a second opinion. Ask for detailed explanations and diagnoses, then research on the internet.
Best wishes to you!

Dental insurance has become an unaffordable luxury. Dental procedures are expensive. I advise patients to visit a participating dental provider within their insurance plan, request copies of their x rays be sent to their e mail. Keep these records in a medical file for reference. Obtain a copy of a treatment plan complete with procedure codes. Feel free to visit one or more offices for second opinion if it makes you more comfortable before committing to treatment.

How Stem Cell Therapy for Knees Research Can Help You Improve Your Health

Stem cells are made of the body bone marrow and differentiate into different cells of the body. These cells change into a skin cell or muscle, cartilage, tendon, bone, red blood cell. There are two kinds of stem cells. First one is embryonic. It changes into any kind of cell in the body. These cells are used in the procurement of many diseases of the body and the second one is adult cells. These cells are immediately transplanted in the body

A surgical option for painful knee issues is from arthroscopic knee surgery to total knee joint replacement. These cells for knees research shows that the most popular arthroscopic surgeries are useless. Knee replacements are extremely dangerous and bring harmful particles in the body. After surgery, it requires months to regain strength with a huge amount of pain.

The injection as compared to surgery provides a pain-free, easier and quick recovery. This treatment for knees research is an outpatient treatment and most patients are moving in 24 hours. Therapy helps to prevent a knee replacement because these have the ability to provide pain-free and regenerate damaged cartilage.

What is a knee in the human body?

A knee is the strongest joint of the body which holds the thigh bone, shinbone, and the kneecap. The inner part of the joint is covered with smooth cartilage that helps in movement. The process of regeneration of the cartilage include cartilage matrix, elastin fiber is slow and produces cartilage substance which is not suitable for intensive burdens. If a patient’s knee is injected with cells that not only relieved the pain but the other knee of the same body as well.

Types of Arthritis:

There are three types of arthritis that affect the knee that is osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and posttraumatic arthritis. Osteoarthritis is linked with the age. When you become older and older than the cartilage in the knee joint reduces. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the joint deterioration. Finally, posttraumatic arthritis is caused by putting stress on the knee through ligament injuries.

Why stem cell therapy is a better choice for Arthritis?

This therapy for knees research is a better choice rather than arthroscopic procedures. The Knee injections provide better treatment in an acute injury. The intact ACL Sheath Ligament heals as the original Ligament and avoids the surgery to replace the ligament with six months rehabilitation time.

Therapy for knees research provides the original placement of the ligament and motion of the joint as well as the future arthritic changes. With the help of stem cell therapy, the body’s own cells help to repair meniscus tears and other damaged tissue in the joint. The medicine is used for the treatment of other joints like hip, shoulder.